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Church at 1060 East Trinity Lane, Nashville, TN 37216

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  • I have been attending Point of Mercy for several months. The worship, singing and preaching are tremendous. I live in Nashville alone and the church has been a comfort to me. One family in particular has made me feel very welcomed. Many people will reach out and shake your hand. The Potter family will not only reach out and shake your hand but pull you in and love you. Thank you Potter family for caring about me.

    Added March 29, 2018 by Anne Horn
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Pastor danny came in shut down history and is selling everything that has a meaning because of the almighty dollar . Never had any intentions of keeping the original church open nothing more then a concert hall now not a church

    Added January 22, 2018 by Brandon
  • the churches Pastor , Denny Livingston is extremely kind and i have really enjoyed meeting him and talking to him. the services are nice, but i do miss the Hymn books from church, but i that is all pentecostal churches now days. i wish hymn books would make a debut back to the church, but that is just me. Over all is it a very nice church full of kind people who are very friendly and who love Jesus. The church is full of very talented musicians as i have seen many times when i have visited. You will not be disappointed if you love quality music as church service. they are top notch! Overall a very good church. i do like to visit when i can.

    Added November 03, 2016 by Gregory Hall
  • i have attended this church befor, and i cant tell you how good i felt after the service...:)

    Added September 08, 2016 by Demetress Ferguson
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