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Church at 265 Broadmoor Drive, Nashville, TN 37207

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in Nashville, TN

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  • First Apostolic Church has excellent leadership beginning with Pastor D.J. Shoulders and Family Pastor Jonathan Denton and continuing throughout the church in the various ministries they provide. The congregation is made of folks from a variety of backgrounds. I have found the people who attend First Apostolic Church to be genuine salt of the earth folks who sincerely love the Lord and desire to serve Him. They are friendly, compassionate and welcoming. You will be moved when you attend a service at FAC. The people worship with such sincerity and emotion that you will feel the presence of the Lord. The music team do a great job and the ministry of Word is anointed and powerful. There is a very safe and good Sunday School with dedicated staff that ministers to your children from nursery through High School. If you are looking for a great church full of fine folks trying to get to heaven let me recommend First Apostolic Chruch to you. I brought my family to FAC on Easter Sunday around seven years ago and I have never left. If you come visit you will stick around as well.

    Added December 28, 2021 by Edwin Hathaway
  • It's friendly and the Pastor preaches the true word of God.

    Added November 12, 2016 by Carol Wilson
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